British Birds Series 

I find a lot of inspiration in my local wildlife. We have such a diversity of bird life here in Britain, and it is an absolute joy to study. The series includes some of our common garden birds (such as the sparrow and the blue tit, and perhaps Britain's best loved bird, the robin), right through to some of our stunning birds of prey. 

There is one member in this series that some may argue is not technically a British bird, and they'd be right! The Eurasian Eagle Owl does not appear on our list of British bird life. However, in my local area there is indeed an eagle owl who has taken up residence. It is likely an escapee, and under heavy protection. I have been privileged to witness this amazing and rare bird who decided to make his home here. So although not technically a British bird, I made an exception for him.

Many of these paintings are currently on display at Myddfai visitor center.