Drawing challenges are a great way to improve your skills. They push your boundaries, take you outside your comfort zone, make you do different things and try different techniques and styles. Not every piece will be a success, but every piece will sharpen your skills. The result is usually a collection of "personal" artwork, a series unique to you. None of these pieces are perfect, but I enjoyed doing them immensely. Some of the following are done on a graphics tablet, some with nothing more than an ordinary HB pencil.

Day 1: Draw some fanart. So, with the force about to awaken, I thought I'd do a very simple black and white of Rey. If I'd had more time I would have adjusted her features much more, but her face is very difficult, so I was fiddling with her facial features for ages before I decided to just leave it where it was. Oh well, hopefully it will go smoother next time!


Day 2: Draw yourself as an animal. I'm pretty sure if I was an animal, I'd be a squirrel... You know, red, frizzy hair, hyper half the time, insane hibernating skills, and so good at finding safe places to put things that even I don't know where they are!!

Day 3: Draw a cartoon selfie. Well, if I ever took selfies maybe this would be the pose I would strike, minus the trout pout!! Lol!


Day 4: Draw something in one continuous line. This was a challenge! Little confession... I did accidentally lift the pencil once or twice, but I put it back right where I found it!! Honest!

Day 5: Draw your most recent dream. Last night I dreamt I was flying the Millennium Falcon over a theme park in the mountains. Everything was white, like Lab white. It was a weird but awesome dream!! Obviously been watching too much Star Wars...


Day 6: Draw a friend or family member in Chibi style! This was just a very quick, rough sketch really. My sister and her husband were over, we were watching a film, and Megan was sat there like, "This bit is really sad and scary", and Jarrad was just like, NOM! PIZZA! XD The moment just lent itself perfectly to Chibification lol!

Day 7: Draw a Hybrid between two animals. Ok, so this is a horse-come-fish, with a little bit of butterfly that accidentally sneaked in and was all like, "What are we doing? Can I join?"


Day 8: Draw your childhood imaginary friend. When I was a kid, I had a thing about dinosaurs. My best imaginary friend was called Rexy (I know, original right?) and he was a velociraptor who was faster than the speed of light and had a magical, extendable tail. He also scared the heck outta the monster under my bed. He was a loyal guardian at all times, we had so many adventures together. Imaginary friends are proof that you had an imagination as a child. If you did, make sure you never lose it.

Day 9: Draw a character from a film. Riley Poole is a totally underrated character. He is like, the best friend anyone could ask for, yet nobody seems to appreciate him lol! I love the National Treasure films.


Day 10: Draw an everyday object. Here is a mug from the barn. Good times.

Day 11: Draw your favourite childhood toy. This is Teddy Snow. He was a brilliant bear, arms perpetually open so as to be ready to give hugs, and always a friendly sympathy in his gaze. He is tucked away in a special box in the attic usually, but he very obligingly came out to sit for his portrait. Would you believe he sat perfectly still for me the whole time?


Day 12: Draw your current emotion. Technically, I drew this yesterday, so this is one of yesterdays emotions. (This was correct at time of going to print, if you are reading this it is unlikely to have been drawn yesterday!)

Day 13: Draw some lineart, no shading. I did a picture of Lilo, NOT traced, tracing is for cheaters!


Day 14: Draw something from a poem. I love the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, this is taken from the poem "The Poor Orphan Child" which is a song Bessie sang to her when she was a child. "E'en should I fall o'er the broken bridge passing..."